Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wrap it Up.

 I've had lots of fun recently making wrapping paper from some of my favorite patterns and shooting new content for my new website (which I'm working on as we speak!) I'm going to take my time over it, probably will launch it after the summer term, go slow and make it exactly how I'd like it to be! If that means re-shooting, re-styling so be it. I think that the wrapping paper looks great! I'd love to make more of the Halloween wrapping paper - but commercially would it work? Do people send each other pressies at Halloween? I just simply love Halloween imagery! I have been looking at all of the books that artists and designers have been making for Surtex which is a 3-day trade show "where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable." Eeek! Sounds so good, doesn't it? One day, one day maybe! :) In the artists books they include examples of their patterns and designs, with the motifs separated with ideas of how the patterns could be applied to various surfaces, which gave me a great idea. 

This year I challenged myself to make a zine a month. In January I made a zine about how to make your own knitted cacti, from the creations that my Nana and I made, it's available in my etsy shop. In February I made a zine called 'Floss' about my everyday. In March I made a zine about Staffordshire Pottery which I have fallen in love with via MATS. (Thanks Lilla and Co!) So in April, I decided to start a series of zines called 'Repeat Repeat' which (sort of) document a range of patterns past and present. They were floating around on my desktop, some had been made into postcards and used for the web, but I really wanted to make my own mini series documenting them, which I could send out to art directors and companies who I think would enjoy them and might like to work with me. You can get a copy of Repeat Repeat from my etsy shop if you like, I hope to keep adding to the mini zine 'series' and see where it takes me, maybe one day to a trade show like Surtex! 

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