Sunday, 10 April 2016


For the latest Make Art That Sells assignment, I have to draw lots of cats - how I normally draw them, then in a variety of different styles and media to create a book cover for a children's picture book. So, I looked back over some older work, where I have drawn sewn, printed and even carved cats to make a variety of creations. Lots of people comment on the amount of cats in my work, saying 'ooh you must love cats' , which is interesting, because I don't have a particular affiliation with cats I don't own one but I do like to make friends with street cats when I'm out and about and I like their attitude, and am envious of the way they spend their days on adventures... but anyway! I decided to put together this mini-mood board of cats I have already created in the 'usual' way I draw to build up on and work from here. During the last MATS assignment, I also drew and painted a few cats and tried to move out of the usual style I comfortably work in. I'll post my sketchbook as I go along over the next few days.


I've recently screen-printed a batch of these fishy/whaley guys and made them into long pillows. They are in my etsy shop right now!