Friday, 14 April 2017


The more I draw and paint cats, the more I get commissioned to do more. Which is fine by me! I was recently asked to paint individual cats for a beautiful wedding. Here are some of the gang that made it to the big day. Three different breeds, all painted in acrylic paint and made into name tags. 

Like these above. I love all of the characters I've created! I am thinking about making them into a pattern and printing them on to fabric to make giant wash bags or something similar. I am definitely going to collect all of the cats and make a big print for the bride and groom as most of the guests took their name tags away with them after the big day. 

I may have mentioned this before, but I have my own Cat, which we rescued as a kitten. So the transformation to Cat-lady is well and truly setting in. I draw and make so many cat characters people always assume that I have an army of cats. I do sometimes dream of opening a cattery in the countryside and living a life a pure joy surrounded by furry friends, but maybe that's for later on in life? 

As you know, I deliver workshops up and down the country and last month, I delivered a screen-print workshop in Nottingham to some MA students studying Graphics, Branding and Illustration. I needed to make a positive as an example, and I thought who else rather than Chugsely, my Cat to be the model. 

Here she is being shown her screen-printed portrait, clearly very impressed. 

In other cat news I have made some big pillows from my cat pattern which will be in my etsy shop this week!