Monday, 23 October 2017

Monkey Creatures

While working on the latest MATS assignment for Lilla Rogers Studio (which I will blog about very soon) I was drawing some creatures that I (at least) don't usually know. 
From Okapis to Tapirs to these guys:

Who are Lion Tamarins - a type of monkey that look as though they have lion manes. It was just after I'd got back from Japan, so I was spending some jet lagged woozy days sitting around, playing with the kuretakes, brush pens and silky ink I had brought back with me. The cheeky monkey faces made me smile when they came alive and I knew I wanted to use them in some way. I still am going to develop them by adding colours and more hand-sewn techniques in the very near future... but I refined and made a bunch of them, then I spent some time trying to make them into a repeat pattern. My first idea was to create a shirt just for me to wear... but it wasn't really working out, I felt like they needed more play. So one evening, after work, I sat down and started to embroider one of the monkeys on to calico and appliqué his body. 

I really loved how he came out, so then I did eight more!

Then made them into these monkey shaped pillows/toys/decorations 

I still want to make a monkey themed item of clothing and play with different versions in some bright colours. But I love these so much! I love their cheeky faces and how funny these objects are. What do you think? 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pumpkin Farm & Temp Tattoos

Yesterday we went to the local pumpkin farm to truly embrace autumn and the spooky season. We also popped on my Halloween temporary tattoos for a little photoshoot. They are available in my shop, suitable for children (and big emo kids like us!) and Halloween parties! There are bats, cats, ghosts, pumpkins, moons, spooky hands and skulls. Check them out here:

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


It's OCTOBER! My favourite month. I love it and every year I know I bang on about the leaves, the big scarfs, the dark nights, that it's acceptable to mull all drinks, hot chocolate evrrrryday, baking, knitting, crisp air and of course, HALLOWEEN. I get more excited about Halloween than Christmas. I just love the visuals. This year, Cat Ball's are back and in my shop right now! 

There's a big one and a small one. My real cat uses a small one as a toy and the big ones a decoration for Halloween/all year, a toy, a pillow... whatever. They are all unique, no two are exactly the same. Go and trick or treat yo' self! Or if you fancy getting crafty, last year I made a downloadable pattern so you can make your own! You can find that here!