Monday, 23 July 2018

Mary Lee

A painting of Mary Lee, an Irish- Austrailian suffragette for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp, editorial brief. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Lucky black cat wall hangings.

I have been using the laser cutter at the Art House to cut out wooden versions of the Chewy (the cat who inspired my appliqu├ęd bags) I really enjoy painting on wood and I thought that my characters would lend themselves well. I cut out a few of these, and handprinted them. Then I screwed in a ring and placed a ribbon as a hook so that it can be hung - anywhere. They are also vanished so that you can hang them outside or inside with no worries. I believe - I know some people don't - but, I believe that black cats are lucky (beautiful mini panthers they are) so you can hang one in your home and feel lucky all the time! They are up in my shop now! 

The Art House

I have been spending a lot of time at the amazing Art House in Wakefield recently. It's this great studio set up, where artists, designers and makers can rent studio space and create, but also it is home to an amazing print studio, where you can become a member and use it - which I've been doing. They also run a variety of workshops and classes, which I've been involved with! I ran a placard making workshop with the TUC recently and in September I will be running creative workshops for children. You can read more about that on their website, where the classes are regularly updated. The ethos of the Art House is so great - they give artists, designers, makers and hobbyists time and space to make, play, experiment and nurture their practice. The building, as well is beautiful, full of quirky windows, wonderful open spaces, large ceilings and luscious green victorian tiles. It's just opposite Wakefield Westgate train station, which is less than fifteen mins from Leeds, twenty five mins from Sheffield and lots of other places up and down the country. The Art House is such a gem in the city - I have loved making work there, the space and the community of artists and makers that work there have really inspired me recently and the well equipped facilities enable me to be such productive. 

If you want to check it out, the Art House is open late on the bi-monthly Wakefield Art walk, where you can explore the creative going ons in the city. Check out their website to find out more. 

So, what have I been making at the Art House? I have been taking advantage of their printing facilities and my expanding obsession with Staffordshire pottery to add to my Staffordshire pottery collections. I have been drawing my positives and layers by hand using Posca pens on to tracing paper and then exposing them in the Art House....

... to make three colour A3 prints...

... and repeat patterns of the dogs on to 100% cotton which I have made into household items in my shop! All prints and items are now listed online, if you'd like to look! 

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

New Site!

New website is LIVE! I would love it if you checked it out :