Thursday, 12 November 2015

Earthy Roots Bee Movie

I made this animation for Earthy Roots bee keeping business! 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Badger Plate

Who else is watching the Pottery Throwdown? I'm loving it and learning loads! 
During my PGDipE, I spent a lot of time winding down at a paint your own ceramic shop in York. 
Which I loved! It was just a silly thing to do that helped my relax, 
above is a badger plate that I'd love to make a little collection from someday! 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Earthy Roots

 My brother owns a bee-keeping business called Earthy Roots. From the wax and honey he makes lots of different products. He asked me to make a little animation to promote his business, which I am itching to share, but must wait for him to finish making another video that he wants to go alongside it. Above is a still from that animation. Below are patterns I designed for his website and for a few products that he sells alongside the bee-based ones, including notebooks, postcards and tea towels. Check them out at Earthy Roots, and some are pictured a few below:

Above is me at one of his sites being a bee-keeper for the day! 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga with Lydia! Flyer designed for a very talented yoga instructor 
- find out more here. 

Cat // Bike

Cat & Bike digital illustration for this blog. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Knitted Cacti

More Knitted Cacti in my Etsy. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hello October

It's almost October, and even though I have been yearning for summer to not end, I am starting to get excited as the seasons change and everything becomes crispy and orange. I still love listening to AFI and getting dressed up for Halloween, so make sure I spend some time making spooky crafts and decorations. This year, I have opened the Halloween section of my etsy shop and have added detachable collars, spooky skelly hands notebooks, happy halloween cards and temporary tattoos! All pictured here: 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fabric Printing/New Creations

I have been playing with a new toy recently - a heat transfer press, which allows me to transfer marks, shapes and illustrations on to different fabrics with immediate results. Carrying on with the cacti theme of late (I am working on other things too!) I have been experimenting with layers, building up subtle textures. I think it's a really interesting tool that can be used alongside more blocky screen-prints. It's super fun to just play and build up marks without having a long prep process that screen-printing can have. When I screen-print, I want every print to be perfect because of the time invested in making the artwork, prepping the screen and work-space. I know that imperfections and 'mistakes' take you on an unpredictable creative journey where magic happens, but I still get a bit uptight when screen-printing. I want every piece of fabric to be utilised, and the print to come out as it in my head. With heat transfer, you can simply play and not be so precious. Well, that's how I feel!

I think that heat presses are a great investment anyway if you are planning on printing fabric, because you can do away with spending hours and hours ironing your freshly printed fabric to make sure that the print is cured. You can pop them under the heat press and your brand new pattern is fixed in one min or less! Which, brings me on to me latest creations, which should end my cacti creations (for now!) Using binder ff and disperse dye, I recently printed lots of meters of fabric using the separates of the mono-prints which I printed a couple of weeks' ago.

I was really happy with how they came out. I photocopied the coloured monoprints so that they were black and white and I could expose them onto the screen but still keep some of that delicious texture which I really liked from the originals. The final print was slightly textured which I think looks good, I just hope that people don't misinterpret it as a miss-print ! I'm a sucker for texture in printing techniques, and I like playing with exposing my screens to create textures. 

With the fabric, I decided to make a few different shaped cushions to go into my etsy shop.  I made long, rectangle, square and triangle cushions:

I also printed some fabric with a smaller print on, which I have made into detachable, reversible collars, available here. They have beaded embellishments on the tips:

 My etsy shop is filling out quite nicely now. I will stop banging on about life post-pgdipe, but it is good to go a making bender! I return to my lecturing job in one months' time so I have a glorious month now to build up my portfolio again. I'm currently working on a few illustration jobs right now, so will blog about these as soon as I can ! 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Prickly Pals

Oooh it's been a while since I've posted but I've been busy delivering workshops to the Leeds Young Creatives at the Leeds College of Art Summer Art School. It ends next week so I will blog about inspirations I've taken from it when the inks all put away! In the meantime, I have been working on my cacti and succulent collection - and I don't mean my real life ones but my crafty ones. A year ago, I collaborated with my Nana, Syliva, who is an incredibly talented maker - her expertise lie with knitting. Even in her 70's she is approached by companies to make creations for their brands and even adverts! It's amazing - she doesn't have a computer or promotes herself, she just makes great things and word gets around. Anyway, she invented a knitted cactus pattern and whipped up these fellows for my birthday last year: 

Since then I have been making lots of different types! They are so fun to make because you can play around with each cacti meaning that each cactus creation is completely unique. Some have hats, some have un-spikey (thread) spikes, some are tall, round, fat, thin, weird... like normal cacti are! 

Here are a few of the different types I've made recently:

If you like you can follow my Pintrest board, 'Knit n Stitch' where you can keep up-to-date with the other knitting and stitching creations, pretty sure they will be revolving around cacti for a little while longer.

 I only ever make the one cactus once, so everyone whose purchased one so far will have a one-off. 

I am going to write up a downloadable PDF with the pattern on soon, so you can have a go at making your own creations from my Nana's pattern - I just need to research the VAT/Tax changes which happened this year in the UK for makers to sell digital PDFs to make sure that when I upload it it's all above board. 

Over the last few weeks I have been transforming these designs into 2D! I went on an inspirational trip (and expensive as I had to buy LOADS of plants) to Cactus Land in Lincolnshire. Not too far from where I grew up, actually, even though I was unaware of it at that time. If you like cacti and succulents: GO! It's amazing. I spent some time photographing all the beauties and then drew them ready to be mono-printed. I originally did it to use as examples to show students during the Summer School at Leeds College of Art to mono-print using cut-out shapes. I've always been a sucker for delicious texture and mono-printing allows gorgeous textures to come through - which, of course being mono-prints are one-offs too. Here are some process pictures:

Here are some photographs of the final print! It's printed on 250 gsm heavyweight un-coated white paper so that the textures of the mono-prints really pop out! You can see it listed in my etsy and folksy shop alongside the remaining knitted cacti I have available:

I'm sure you've noticed the cacti printed pattern cloth to the left of the print - more on that coming soon!