Thursday, 5 May 2016

Looking back on editorial/being true to yourself

I thought I would share some editorial illustrations I did for Pretty Nostalgic magazine (above) and some of my favorite editorial illustrations from Gurgle magazine below, where I worked illustrating their features and articles for over a year. I really enjoy editorial illustration, I like the quick turn-arounds, short deadlines and bringing words to life through imagery. Looking back on these, I feel that I've developed lots since I created them and have become so much less interested in a 'style' or honing a style, which I feel when I look at these illustrations, I was attempting to do. Now, I try to create illustrations letting the media that I am working with take over, and try and draw as naturally as when I write in my diary, or send a letter. But it is an ongoing process and I may look back on the work I am producing now and have a new reflection. I feel that there is a massive pressure sometimes, when you share work on the internet or take work to show clients, that it must be soso consistent - but I am easing up on myself more that drawing and making is (or can be) a life long process and with the advent of time comes change and growth - and even different feelings, emotions which can change the aesthetic. As long as you are true to yourself in the moment that you are in and true to the materials that you use, I think that, as a practitioner, that's all you can be and just enjoy the journey of developing and the process of making. 

But, it's fun to look back and celebrate achievements, I still get excited when I go into a huge shop like M&S or WHSmith and see my work printed and for sale. I can't imagine ever not being excited about that. Advice I would give to anyone who wants to get their work in magazines is just to ASK! Send out some work to magazines and publications that you admire, covering topics you enjoy and where you can envision your work. Follow it up, be polite and sooner or later you'll be given a chance.

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