Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Goodbye 2015! Hope you all gave it a good send off and had a good year. For me, looking back, it's been a fine old year. Maybe I'll even look back and call it a vintage year. I completed my PGDIPE (and got a 1st!). It was hard at times, but rewarding to challenge myself academically with reading and writing. I also got FHEA status which is cool. So happy that now all my spare time can be spent making instead of writing assignments. I also ran my first (last? maybe!) marathon this year! I spent a lot of time training and spending so many Saturday nights hydrating and carbing-up and then off I went for a three - four hour run on Sundays. Phew! I completed it at the end of November in beautiful Florence, Italy and it felt AMAZING. 

So, despite all the time I felt had been taken up by pushing myself mentally and physically last year, I was pleasantly surprised that my best nine on instagram was lots of creations!

Lots of plants too. Knitted Cacti, patterns, notebooks. Most of this is available in my etsy shop right now if you fancy having a browse! Foot is on the accelerator this year. One Christmas present I received in 2015 was the Make Art That Sells course by Lilla Rogers which I'm loving! I'll post my creations from that as I make them, but so far it's really inspiring and such a great thing for me to get back into creating and making post-pgdipe and marathon training, which has just taken up all my time. I've been busy still though! Printing new characters to make homewares and new items over the next few months. I will blog about these later on, but here, have a glimpse of a few things to come: 

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