Wednesday, 11 October 2017


It's OCTOBER! My favourite month. I love it and every year I know I bang on about the leaves, the big scarfs, the dark nights, that it's acceptable to mull all drinks, hot chocolate evrrrryday, baking, knitting, crisp air and of course, HALLOWEEN. I get more excited about Halloween than Christmas. I just love the visuals. This year, Cat Ball's are back and in my shop right now! 

There's a big one and a small one. My real cat uses a small one as a toy and the big ones a decoration for Halloween/all year, a toy, a pillow... whatever. They are all unique, no two are exactly the same. Go and trick or treat yo' self! Or if you fancy getting crafty, last year I made a downloadable pattern so you can make your own! You can find that here!

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